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Engine Rebuilding & Prep for Porsche 356

We have a great selection of parts for engine rebuilding and prep for a Porsche 356. With over 55 years of fixing, equipping and racing Porsche 356’s, we know what works.

Return Policy: NO refunds for modified parts

NO refunds for any parts that have been modified to customers specifications, that includes complete transaxle and engines, and/or heads.

Restocking Fee: 25%

A restocking fee for returned un-used parts is 25% after they have been examined by Vic at 356 Enterprises.

Serious Vintage Racing

$3,000.00 + Parts

(does not include cylinder head modifications)

Left to right:

  • 356 engine with 2 barrel Solex P-II
  • Middle engine with Solex 40 PBIC Carbs
  • 1500cc engine for 550-01 with proper sand cast Solex Carbs and short Velocity stacks

Full Race Head Preparation on Flow Bench

Customer supplies heads and manifolds

Includes: Porting heads, manifolds, combustion chamber re-contouring, 8 new race valve guides, 4 new Datsun style 40 mm intake valves, 16 new Datsun valve spring keepers, 4 new 34 mm with 8 mm stem exhaust valves, 8 new racing valve springs, 8 new Titanium valve spring retainers, 8 new  valve lash caps, Valve spring shims as required (need lift specs on cam to be used), Full machining for correct compression.

I can also take your existing race or semi-race heads and make significant improvements on the flow bench. Price determined by flow improvement and time spent

Valve Cover Gaskets

$22.00 per set

Our design, manufactured by Fel-Pro.
Steel core, cork-rubber composite material, no adhesive necessary.

Pistons: 356 Enterprises Design

$1,020.00 per set

Using Low-Expansion Material

Allows tighter clearances; develops more power.
SCCA and Vintage racing proven.
83.5mm 11.5-12.5:1 C.R. (depending upon Cyl head cc’s) with rings and special light piston pins and clips

Oil Pump Cover w/Tach Drive


With oil line outlet: $350.00


Call for price

* Current Supply Problems, Call for Availability *

Oil Pump Cover


With oil line outlet, no tach drive

Oil Cooler Bypass Plate


Piston Rings


Total Seal

Spirolox Piston Pin Clips

Set: $8.00


Connecting Rods – Carrillo Rods

Set: Call for availability


Set of 8: $120.00


Pressure Plate

180mm Diaphragm Spring Style,

1700 lbs. rating
For Type A throw-out bearing:


For Type B throw-out bearing:


Special Flywheel Gland Nut and Washer:


Pressure Plate, 200mm dia:


Scat Super Lightweight Crank

$2,295.00 (call for availability)

$2,295.00 (call for availability)

Clutch Discs

180 mm Metallic:


200 mm Metallic:


Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate

Thick enough to be drilled & tapped for a breather:


Aluminum 4” Pulley

With steel wear sleeve:


Fan belt for 4” pulley:


Large Deep Sump Extension

“not sand cast”
With special oil pick-up adapter
New lower price!:


Solex Carb Venturis

36 mm:


NEW! Skid Plate

Laser-cut, 1/8” steel plate:


Velocity Stacks for Solex 40P-II Carbs

Spun Aluminum 6” tall, furnace-brazed to CNC milled
Aluminum base. Made for us by TWM Induction:

$420.00 per set. No discounts.

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